Check out the tools you need to make Richmond a safer place.


Knowing where to go is just as important as knowing what to do. Below is a map with all available Richmond community resources. Updated regularly, these resources will help both you and your family receive the help needed to make your community a safer place. Use the map to find out how your community can help you.

Programs & Initiatives

Learn more about programs offered by Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General that can help members of your community prevent issues like domestic violence, gang violence, bullying, Medicaid fraud, and many more.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach is very important to Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General. Community Outreach Coordinators are available to work with or present to school groups, community associations, civic groups, and others on crime prevention, educational programs, and other important topics. Learn more today.


Project Safe Neighborhoods offers Community Outreach Coordinators, who are available to work with local Richmond schools. Focusing on crime prevention techniques, services available within the community, and educational programs, these Community Outreach Coordinators serve as liaisons between the Attorney General’s office and the community. They help facilitate information on public safety within the community and similarly provide the Office of the Attorney General with the necessary information it needs to address public safety concerns or any potential threats.

The Community Outreach Coordinators also present Virginia Rules, an educational program aimed at middle and high school students that promotes being active and engaged members of the Richmond community. Focusing on decision-making tactics, education on Virginia laws, and promoting how to be an active and engaged citizen, these interactive modules are easily accessed and absorbed by audiences. The modules include actionable information on dating violence, gang awareness, and obtaining and keeping a driver’s license, and other law-related topics relevant to teens. Community Outreach Coordinators can present the modules to local schools or help train other professionals within schools to become instructors.

Central Virginia’s Community Outreach Coordinator is David Malakouti.  A native of Virginia, David is personally dedicated to making Richmond a safer place.

Meet Charles Ferry

In June of 2022, Charles Ferry joined the Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General as the Community Liaison Officer for Central Virginia, which covers the Richmond metro area.

As the Central Virginia Community Liaison Officer, Charles’ role is to provide education opportunities and link agencies and individuals with appropriate resources throughout the Attorney General’s Office. Charles helps people in Greater Richmond find solutions for a variety of issues, including gang activity awareness, prescription drug and heroin abuse, human trafficking awareness, domestic violence issues, and more.

Charles works closely with state and local law enforcement agencies, Drug Prevention Councils, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, and many others to help Central Virginia communities find the answers they need.

Charles has a wealth of information and compassion for the specific needs of Richmond’s citizens.

Charles can be reached at either 804-786-0076 or

What is Virginia Rules?

Virginia Rules is an educational program especially designed to help instructors, parents, and students understand the law as it applies to teens in their everyday lives. The purpose of Virginia Rules is to educate young Virginians about Virginia laws and help them develop skills needed to make sound decisions, to avoid breaking laws, and to become active citizens of their schools and communities. The program offers an annual School and Campus Safety Training Forum, an online Juvenile Law Handbook, a resource-packed website, and more. For more information, contact Virginia Rules Program Coordinator Shannon Freeman at 804-692-0484 or


If you know something, say something – There are many ways to report suspected gang activity, and the police need your help. Learn more about anonymous tip lines in Richmond.

Work with local law enforcement – If you identify gang activity happening in your neighborhood, the police want to know. Contact Richmond Police Department and let them know your concerns. Your information, which can be kept confidential, and cooperation helps them focus their anti-gang efforts and may prevent others in your community from becoming victims of senseless gang violence.

Join forces with your neighbors – Consider joining a Neighborhood Watch group in your area. If one does not exist in your neighborhood, consider working with your neighbors to start your own Neighborhood Watch group. To get started, visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute online and check out the National Crime Prevention Council’s tips for how to organize a Neighborhood Watch program.

Introduce your child to Virginia Rules – If your child doesn’t know the laws in Virginia, how can they know if they are breaking the law or not? Virginia Rules is an educational program designed for middle and high school students that helps parents and students understand the law as it applies to teens in their everyday lives. When you teach your child about Virginia laws, you can help them develop skills needed to make good decisions, to avoid breaking laws, and to become active citizens of their schools and communities.

Get involved as a parent – The biggest way you can prevent and reduce gang involvement starts at home. The more involved you are as a positive parent and role model, the less likely your child will seek acceptance from street gangs. Here are some ways you can support your child at home:

  • Get involved in your child’s school activities
  • Be a positive role model and set a good example
  • Get to know your child’s friends and their families
  • Encourage good study habits
  • Teach your child how to cope with peer pressure
  • Help your child develop good conflict resolution skills
  • Encourage your child to participate in positive after-school activities
  • Get involved in community activities as a family

Talk with your child about the dangers of gangs – Let your child know the truth about street gangs. Make sure they know that you do not want to see them hurt or arrested. Explain to your child that they SHOULD NOT:

  • Hang out with gang members
  • Go to parties or social events sponsored by gangs
  • Use gang-related hand signs, symbols, or language
  • Wear gang-related clothing or colors


Virginia 2-1-1

Search for additional services in Virginia through Virginia 2-1-1 or dial 2-1-1 to speak to a contact specialist.